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From ambition to bottle

THE sweet vodka with a tough story

"PUR" suggests purity and that is exactly what this vodka offers, a "Pur Vodka." Pure Vodka is so clean that no criticism is possible.

Excellent - Difford's Guide, 2021

By far the best vodka in my opinion! What a joy that it is from Quebec.

SAQ - Florence V. 2020

A UNIQUE entrepreneurial story

In 2006, after a first catastrophic experience in business, Nicolas Duvernois decided to start producing vodka. At the time, there was no vodka in Quebec and he saw a business opportunity, even though he knew nothing about it. For 4 years, he self-financed his project and perfected what would become the first Quebec vodka.

the most awarded Canadian vodka in the world

Pur Vodka is Canada's first ultra premium vodka, proudly from Quebec, and is one of the most awarded vodkas in the world. The result of an inspiring entrepreneurial story, Pur Vodka has won over 80 awards and medals at the most prestigious spirits competitions.

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In the purest form